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Kristof Buntinx T-shirt Collection

Submitted by: Kristof Buntinx

My whimsical T-shirt collection is typically Belgian, with the use of different languages and puns.
I like to play with words. Usually, I sit on my bed listening to pop or house music and the ideas come to me automatically. For this collection I used a combination of Dutch, French and English to create my designs. And it makes people laugh once they get it. I hope you like it too and will vote for me so that you will be able to buy these T-shirts soon at your local JBC at a reasonable price instead of my normal outrageous rates!

Describe the idea behind your collection

With this collection I hope to make my ideas available to the general public at an affordable price.

Tell us a bit more about yourself, and your passion for fashion!

I am a fashion designer living in Brussels. I make exclusive accessories and bespoke dresses.

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